The Cheshire Flames is an organization associated with Cheshire Youth Softball (CYS) and was created for girls interested in a more competitive softball experience.  Our goal is to help the girls build upon the skills they learn in CYS and foster a competitive yet supportive environment.  Through workouts, practices, games, and tournaments, girls develop softball skills while building friendships and developing confidence in themselves.  Flames teams play in Cheshire and in surrounding towns and usually compete in three-to-six tournaments each season.  Each year, girls are selected for the 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U teams after August tryouts and indoor workouts usually begin in January of the following year.  The 10U team(s) is usually selected in the spring.

For more information about the Cheshire Flames, contact the league President Sean Burke at sean87710@gmail.com

2020 Board of Directors

Marlon Hidalgo

Dan Sweigard

Keith Fleming

Brian Pittman

Comments about the Cheshire Flames from players’ parents:

  • “On a personal level, the best part of the Flames experience for myself and my daughter, are the people we have met and the friendships we have built over the years. Our organization offers a competitive style of softball, which challenges our girls every time they step on the field to play the game with respect for it, as well as their opponent. The true success of our program, is not based solely on wins and losses, but on the positive experiences our girls receive both on and off the field.”
  • “The Cheshire Flames is a girl’s fast-pitch softball organization made up of eager young ladies, between the ages of 8-16, who want to take that extra step in the game of softball and challenge themselves playing softball at the competitive travel level.  These girls not only play softball with great pride, enthusiasm and dedication, but also are excellent students in school and represent our community.  The lessons they learn go well beyond the playing field as they develop leadership, sportsmanship and the ability to work with others and garnish friendships and experiences that will last a lifetime.”
  • “The Flames Softball organization has allowed the development of talent within Cheshire to be carried through to the high school level.  It keeps the girls playing with their friends and unity amongst age groups.  The coaching staff are well versed in the game of softball and continue to develop the skills both physically and mentally throughout the season.  There is a genuine desire within the Flames organization to enhance individual goals while providing a challenging environment and building team concepts.”
  • “I am proud to say that both of my daughters have been part of the Cheshire Flames organization. While we had many opportunities to play softball with other fine organizations,we chose  the Cheshire Flames because it has given my daughters the ability to mature and enjoy the many aspects this organization has offered.  My daughters have found much success on the field of play, but more importantly they have established what we hope are lifetime friendships along the way. The coaches teach the sport, but they take it a step farther and teach sportsmanship and other life lessons the girls will be able to  take to the next steps in life. The organization also is based from the Cheshire Youth Softball organization which is where almost every girl in the Flames organization has started. It has been a great experience so far, and we look forward to many more years of travel softball with the Flames.”

The following .pdf document explains the various options for girls playing softball in Cheshire and the association between Cheshire Youth Softball and the Cheshire Flames:


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