2019 Flames Invitational updated!

 2019 Flames Invitational Rules and Information Packet

2019 Cheshire Flames Rules and Information Packet

2018 Winners 14u Xtreme Chaos



2018 14u Runner-up Cheshire Flames Red

Printable pdf:  2018 Cheshire Flames Invitational Tournament Packet

Cheshire Flames Softball 9th Annual Invitational Tournament

June 22-24 2018

Age Groups: 10u, 12u & 14u

Game Locations:

10u – Cheshire Park – Highland Ave (Rte 10) – Between Creamery and Stony Hill Road

12u – Bartlem Park – 520 South Main St. (Rte 10) – directly across the street from the Cheshire High School

14u – Cheshire High School – 525 South Main St. (Rte 10)

Participating Teams:

10u: Cheshire Flames, Ct Shoreline Sting (North Branford), Wolcott Eagles, Franklin Fury (Franklin Ma), Mid Hudson Rebels (Kingston NY), Southington Thunder, Taunton Tornadoes White (Ma), Taunton Tornadoes Blue (Ma)

12u: Cheshire Flames Black, Cheshire Flames Red, Apponaug Pride (Warwick RI), Ct Diamond Club Blue (East Hartford), Ct Eliminators (Cromwell), Ct Gators (Orange), Wolcott Eagles Red, North Haven Pride, Taunton Tornadoes (Ma), Wolcott Eagles Black

14u: Cheshire Flames Black, Cheshire Flames Red, Cheshire Flames White, CLCF Bombers (Cranston RI), Ct Fury (Fairfield), Ct Tigers (West Hartford), North Haven Pride, Taunton Tornadoes (Ma), Wolcott Eagles Red, Xtreme Chaos (Stratford)

2018 Cheshire Flames Invitational Tournament Rules:

The 2018 USA Rulebook will apply unless modified below:

1) Each team may bat more than nine players as long as the batting order remains the same

2) Free substitution rules. You can move any of your players into any defensive role at any time. Batting order must stay consistent and not change regardless of any defensive position moves.

3) Courtesy runners are allowed at all times for Pitchers and Catchers (last batted out). Other than Pitchers & Catchers, general Pinch Runner rules apply. Any injured players may have a Pinch Runner inserted at any time (last batted out).

4) Time Limit: For pool, elimination and semi-final games no new inning may start after 1 hour and 20 minutes and the inning being played will be finished. Championship games have no time limit and will be played for a full seven (12U & 14U) or six (10U) innings unless the “Run ahead Rule” comes into effect.

5) All 12U and 14U games are seven innings or until the “Run ahead Rule” or time limit rule takes effect. All 10U games are six innings or until the “Run ahead Rule” or time limit rule takes effect.

6) Pool play games that end in a tie when time expires will be recorded as a tie.

7) During elimination games the tie breaker rule will be used if:

a. A game is tied after seven (12U & 14U) or six (10U) completed innings


b. The allotted game time limit has expired

(A base runner will start on second base with no outs. The runner will be the last batted out from the previous inning.)

8) A coin toss will determine Home team during Pool play. Failure to appear when umpires call for the coin toss will result in a 7-0 forfeit. Higher seeded teams will be home team during elimination play.

9) “Run ahead Rule” of 15 runs after 3 innings, 12 after 4 innings and 8 after 5 innings will be in effect for all games.

10) The Tournament Director or his designee will make every effort to bring the Tournament to a successful completion and reserves the right to change, shorten, modify or alter games and/or schedules in order to accomplish this goal.

11) Weather – If a sufficient number of pool games are not played due to rain, seeding for the elimination round will be drawn at random or determined per the Tournament Director’s discretion. If the elimination round games are rained out the results from pool play will determine the tournament winners.

12) Rain-Out Policy: If no games are started or completed, 2/3’s of the entry fee will be refunded. If one game is completed, ½ of the entry fee will be refunded. There will be no refunds after the start of a team’s second game. All refunds will be mailed within 14 days of tournament’s completion.

13) The criteria utilized to determine team seeding on Elimination Sunday are in order as follows:

a. Total points: 2 points given for each win and 1 point given for a tie during Pool play

b. Head-to-Head Record (this will apply only if two teams are tied)

c. Runs Allowed (after taking into account “Runs Allowed”, if the number of tied teams is reduced to two teams then revert back to step “b”)

d. Runs Scored (after taking into account “Runs Scored”, if the number of tied teams is reduced to two teams then revert back to step “b”)

e. If all else fails, seeding will be determined by random by the Tournament Director.

14) Umpire Judgment calls are final, no protests permitted. In an event that a coach or player is ejected from a game by an umpire, the ejection is for the rest of the Tournament and the ejected party must immediately leave the premises before the game continues.

15) Game Time is under the control of the umpires on the field.

16) If there is an unbalanced number of teams and a team is required to play an extra (4th) Pool play game, that team will designate one of their games with the Tournament Director as “not counting” in their overall Pool play standings. This information must be shared with the Tournament Director three days prior to the first game and is binding. Dropped game(s) will be posted / noted on the final published schedule on our site (cheshireflames.org) when applicable.



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